About MABA


The Mid-America Bonsai Alliance (MABA) is an organization made up of local bonsai clubs and societies from nine midwest U.S. states and Canadian provinces. (Currently, those states/provinces are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Ontario, and Wisconsin.) MABA's purpose is to foster the sharing of knowledge and bonsai artist talent among the clubs and states of the midwest, as well as to encourage the use of native species in the art of bonsai. MABA also promotes public awareness and appreciation of bonsai. To further the goals of education and communication, MABA holds an impressive convention in association with one of its member clubs. MABA is a non-profit organization.

If you are new to bonsai, visit our bonsai photo galleries. Each bonsai is owned by an artist from the MABA region. If you find yourself becoming as fascinated by bonsai as we are, look to one of our member clubs or societies for more information.

The mission of the Mid-America Bonsai Alliance (MABA), a non-profit organization made up of bonsai clubs and societies, is to:

  • Promote communication among clubs;
  • Promote the use of plant material native to our region while encouraging the teaching of good horticultural and bonsai technique;
  • Encourage local MABA presenters to share their special skills or techniques with member clubs;
  • Promote a convention on a biennial basis;
  • Create public awareness of and appreciation for the bonsai art form.

Why Go to a Bonsai Convention
A message from Steve Moore, Past MABA Vice-President